New deck part one

Hi guys!

So we knew when we moved in that at least one of our deck boards was rotten and we knew that we would probably need to replace that one board. When we finally got started we realised that lots of the boards were in rough shape so we decided to just tear them all up and start over. The railings were ugly and really blocked the beautiful view we have in our front yard so those went too.

Old ugly deck

Of course nothing is ever as easy as you hope it will be and due to the rot on the boards lots of the huge nails used to fastened them to the joists were swollen with rust. We really didn’t want to replace any of the joists so we had to cut the deck boards and pry each 3 foot section really carefully.

Never as easy as you think it will be

This took way longer than we originally estimated and whenever we feel like something is starting to go right this old house likes to drop something super annoying on us…like this rotten joist!


We were able to reinforce the beam using a new 2×8 but that put us even further behind! We ploughed on though and replaced all of the deckboards with pretty new painted boards. Luckily we had Tilly to help us!

We decided to use the Kreg Deck Jig for this project to avoid screwing into the tops of the deck, the jig allowed us to drill into the sides of the boards right to the joists.


You  can see our new solid steps too as the old stringers we held up with just one nail and gravity! The summer was pretty damp so working on a painted deck was actually a real pain but we persevered!

New steps

Those poor boxwoods had to be cut right back to allow us to paint the boards but they are growing back really fast. These bushes along with the odd placement of the joists led us to the decision to use Titan deck anchors to mount the posts to the top of the deck and they are great!

Titan Deck-Post Anchors
White Painted Posts

The old traditional wood lattice was replaced with vinyl and we are really happy with the result, it’s much easier to work with, cut easily with the circular saw and won’t warp and splinter the way the old stuff did.

Lattice and posts mounted

We do still have a bit of work before we are done, the railings are up now and mostly painted and we’ve decided to use deck cleats and sailing rope as the balusters like this:

As soon as we are done I will post the final product, we are already really happy with how it’s looking compared to the old deck and we are even happier that it’s solid and not rotten!

Let us know what you think, we love getting your feedback!

Alethea 🙂

3 thoughts on “New deck part one

  1. It looks amazing, I can’t wait to see it totally finished xxx

  2. Oh that looks really lovely, great choice of colour. You both are doing a great job with your home, I’m super proud xxx

  3. I love it ! and the sailing boat road is going to look brill!!

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