Mini Makeover Monday – A new old bed

Mini Makeover Monday – A new old bed

Hi Guys!

When we first moved into our house we didn’t have a bedframe, just a mattress on a box spring so we decided to invest in a full bedframe but money was quite tight so we ended up purchasing an antique mahogany rickety not-quite-standard sized bedframe. We had every intention of fixing the frame but every year the list of to-dos gets longer and fast forward 3 years and we finally get round to fixing it!

Bedroom before

It is a grand old bed but not quite a king, too big for a queen so we decided to really take it apart and fix the width along with the colour and the wobbliness. Really it was so wobbly that getting into bed was a bit scary!


It was during this project that we realised we had a couple of friends living in our shed. This discovery added another unexpected project, humanely removing our new furry friends from our warm, safe, comfortable storage shed!

A helping paw

We decided to paint it so it doesn’t take over the room as much and of course we picked the Fusion mineral paint line in Casement which is the most perfect white with better pigment than Picket Fence (in my opinion)


Our bedroom is the least finished space in the house, we still need to replace the carpet, paint the walls, build the closets replace the baseboard but at least the bed is safe now!

What do you guys think? It’s completely solid!

Alethea 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mini Makeover Monday – A new old bed

  1. Looks fab and I hope your mice like their new homes…. is that a Sandi hand I see???

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