Homemade with love

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I am so very very lucky to have a wonderful husband who cheerfully takes on just about every project I suggest. When I mentioned that it might be time to find a new solution to replace the old college coffee table and end tables we were still using he jumped at the chance. We did some research online to see what we liked and went from there. Pottery Barn is a constant source of inspiration and of course we took a look on ana-white.com to see if there were any basic plans we could start from and found the Rustic Coffee table

The plans were a great starting point but we wanted more detail than they gave and we wanted to maximise the beautiful cedar boards we had decided to use. Jeff put our chalkboard wall to great use and came up with this!


We really love breadboard ends so we planned on using them for the coffee table top and using the same length pieces to create a large square end table.

Measure twice cut once

As we have limited space in our shed we end up doing a whole lot of measuring, cutting and building on the floor of the Great Room. It works for now and one day we will build something more appropriate (another project)!


As always we had our sweet helper Matilda.

Watching the progress

As we had such a detailed plan which really made use of every inch of each 8 foot board there were really very few cuts for the tops of the tables and from there it was as simple as clamping and using the Kreg jig to pocket hold screw the pieces together.

More clamps
Never too many clamps

This project used almost every clamp we own! We had decided to use cheap construction lumber for the bases of both tables as we planned to paint them using our favourite Fusion Mineral Paint colour, Putty. It’s not pretty and it’s not meant to be seen but it really cut the costs down on the project.

Frame and top

At this point we took a break and used the table as you see it above, just to see if the dimensions worked for us. Tilly kept me company.


We chose to use slats for the lower shelf and this was the most complex part of the build along with the X’s on the sides, it took a little jiggling but it worked out almost perfectly. It was such a pain that I totally forgot to take photos of this part! Our orbital and palm sanders were impossible to use with the shape of the sides which left the X shapes a little rough, now we have the multi tool if we should choose to make another it will be much easier!

Ready to stain

After the tops were complete we took them to our dining room for staining. We used the same Walnut water-based Minwax as in our dining room but used the satin poly for the finish. to be honest I think it we were to do it again we would use the Matt on the coffee tables and the satin for the dining room but on the whole the process was easy and fun!


I wish I had just used one coat of stain as you can still really see the beauty of the grain at this point. The second coat really deepened the colour but took away some of the beauty of the lumber.

Coffee table

I think they really look great and I am so happy that we went ahead and made them ourselves. In total with the exception of the stain poly and pocket screws, which we already had, the two tables cost just under $200 and we love them. We learned a lot from this project and it really encouraged us to take on more projects ourselves.

We love these!

Let us know what you think!

Alethea 🙂


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  1. I love them and think you are both so clever xxx

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