New bathroom complete!

New bathroom complete!

Hi guys!

So back in April we surprised my Mom by going home for her 50th birthday, it was awesome. Being back in England was just amazing, I was able to see some old friends and Jeff and I were able to travel around the South quite a bit with my Dad. We won’t be leaving it as long to go back again, I miss the food, the people and the views

Cream tea
This view

Whilst we were in England my father-in-law was working so hard to finish our new bathroom for when we got home, I talked about our vision in this post: New Bathroom part one. When we moved in the bathroom looked like this:


It was in bad shape, the fake plastic plants actually covered old junction boxes in the wall, the vanity was rusted out, there were two holes in the tub and the shower doors were short to the tub combo, nightmare. We weren’t able to replace everything back then so we did the important stuff, the floor which had some rot from the rusted vanity, the toilet (best not talked about) and the vanity. Paul was able to MacGyver the shower doors with lots of silicone to make sure they didn’t leak and you might remember that Jeff worked on the vanity in Bathroom reno one. We painted and we were left with a pretty bathroom:

Shower door!

The bathroom worked perfectly for the last few years but we still had the issue of the tub holes. We did pay for a professional to come and fill the holes (big regret there) but it didn’t last, I would definitely recommend just saving your money and replacing the tub!

I really am not a fan of these weird shower pods which are so popular here in North America, traditional tile and a nice deep soaker tub is more my cuppa tea. We are so so lucky to have Paul who really does just figure out how to manage what we ask for, even when his tile guy had a family emergency Paul just worked through it himself. We are so grateful for him!

We came home to this extra prettiness!

Love it!
Pretty shower door
New baseboards

We finished the room with those extra high baseboards, I love them!

Let us know what you think, we always love your feedback.


3 thoughts on “New bathroom complete!

  1. I’d wash myself in there.

  2. I love those subway tiles and the built in bottle shelves…… the print on your wall looks terribly familiar too!!
    I would love that tiling in my bathroom ….. hmmmm…. something to think about there!
    Wish we had a Paul!! Xxx

  3. Its beautiful! Maybe Jeff’s dad could visit my house next! So happy you had a great visit with family and friends..

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