Mini Makeover Monday

Another Bargain Barn Door
As you know we built a custom sliding barndoor for our Laundry room, well we took everything we learned for that build and created another set of doors as cupboard doors in our Dining room!

This is how they looked before (you can see them on the far left)

Cupboard doors before

The build was essentially the same but we used paint from the Fusion Mineral Paints line in Putty which we love, rather than trying to create the same stain as the laundry room door. These are also hung from the frame rather than on a roller, using spray painted gate hinges. I think this is one of the prettiest colour combinations we have in the house, Woodlawn Blue and Fusion Putty.

Completed Barndoor Cupboard

What do you all think, Jeff is pretty good at this now!


3 thoughts on “Mini Makeover Monday

  1. I love it… well done Jeff! It looks fabulous…. I should have got you to do something for my dining room and living room doors!!!

  2. Looks amazing…you should both do this for a living.

  3. Looks great!!

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