A New Perspective

Hi Guys!

As we have been living in our house for a while now it feels like our confidence to do new things is really increasing. We were given a beautiful antique dining room set which belonged to Jeff’s parents, then his brother and now us! I love it for it’s age and it’s beauty but Jeff is not such a big fan. After living with it for a couple of years we decided to go ahead and refinish it. It’s going to take some time to complete because we are going to put a glass door on the hutch and wine racks in the sideboard but we already have the chairs completed!

Before Completed chair


We had to remove the old chair pads and replace the batting and the covers, as always we had Tilly to help us!

Chairs Complete New chair cover after Dining room helper Helper Dining Chairs

We chose a true grey to paint the furniture and actually settled on a latex Benjamin Moore option rather than a chalk paint or mineral paint just for the greater selection of colour you can get with latex paint. The colour we chose is Chelsea Gray from Benjamin Moore which was perfect with the pretty fabric we had picked!

After the chairs were complete we moved on to the table, sideboard and hutch, this is the colour of the furniture before we finished everything, it’s pretty orange which isn’t our favorite!

Hutch Before

To re-finish the tops we had to strip the old finish right back which we did with the help of our trusty Dewalt orbital sander:

Black Walnut is pretty! Removing old finish

We were able to find an antique glass window for the hutch which fits almost perfectly:

Hutch After

As we were working almost exclusively inside we decided to use only water based stains and a matt finish on the table tops, we selected a Walnut Minwax shade which is a gorgeous dark colour.

Sideboard after

Let us know what you think!


3 thoughts on “A New Perspective

  1. I’m sure the dining room furniture will truly be lovely. As some people hate the thought of ‘ruining’ old pieces by painting them I am a fan. I just love the before and afters and have always wanted to do the same even tho I get those ..’are you kidding me’…looks from family and they think I am crazy to want to refurbish anything. Keep up the good work and do what your heart wants to do!!!

  2. I think up cycling is so much better than recycling. Updating that gorgeous furniture helps it remain in the family and makes it feel more at home in your house. I love what you have both done to the furniture. Ten out of ten for vision, determination to change rather than replace and eleven out of ten for style. I love it x

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