Mini Makeover Monday

Mini Makeover Monday

Space to Call Her Own

As you all know we have a perfect little cat named Matilda.


When you get a cat there are some things which are unavoidable, especially if you are too afraid of the huge birds or coyotes in your area to let her go outside. This post is about concealing the litter box!

We have a great little laundry room which we recently converted into a powder room and it’s also where Tilly does her business. When we first moved in we really contemplated the best door situation for the laundry room because it’s right off of our dining room and we didn’t want our guests to be viewing our (lovely) washer/dryer set. We considered a full door, louvre doors, a pocket door and a barn style sliding door. We eventually settled on two restaurant style doors with swinging hinges in the hope that Matilda would be able to push them open herself. This would have been really perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that we had to tighten the hinges so much that it was tough for me to shove them open, let alone poor Tilly! They looked great, but they just weren’t practical.

This was a huge issue for Tilly as she needed constant access to the room for her litter box, so we ended up cutting a hole in the wall and trimming it out for her to easily get into the room. Jeff did such a good job of making it look super cute; it’s one of my favourite touches in the house!

Tilly helping

At the time we did not have a jigsaw, but as we cut between the studs and only through drywall, it was easy enough to do; smacking a hole into the wall with a hammer and cut out using a drywall saw. Easy peasy.

Always trying to help We are through!

Jeff made a little threshold for her and she loves it.

Glue and tape

Now that we renovated the room we are ready to make a new decision on the door and have picked the trendy barn style we had previously decided against. The space is tight but we can certainly make it work.

Today, new wall colour, still looks perfect

Now that the room is a powder room too, we decided to give Tilly her privacy and got her a little cabinet. It’s a bit big for the space so we might need to custom-build her something cute later.

As always we love hearing from you guys with your ideas and suggestions, so please comment!

Alethea ☺️

2 thoughts on “Mini Makeover Monday

  1. Fabulous! As well as Queen Fi, Prince Dextor and Princesses Jay-Cee and Dottie we also have Lady Tilly in the family. Boy don’t we have pampered pets in our family! Don’t show the Prince, he will want one too. I love it x

  2. I think it’s really cute and gives the little lady the privacy she needs…. when she needs it! Purrfect

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