A Home Studio

A Home Studio

Hi Guys,

Some of you will know that my wonderful husband is a graphic designer. When we looked at our house one, of the things we were slightly concerned about was the lack of natural space for a home office. We debated where we would put all of his computer gear, where the sun would be during the evening, and which room we could spare. Lots of people suggested putting the office on the lower level but that’s a pretty large space and seemed like a bit of a waste. We could also have used the no-man’s land between our bar and the front entrance, but with Jeff’s freelance work and game developing, and me wanting a living space, that was just not practical.

We did have this slightly useless sun room:

Studio before
Studio before

It took a little convincing to get Jeff on board because sunlight and glare is not the graphic designer’s best friend, but the room faces North and we decided we would purchase some high quality blackout blinds. We then had to decide on the desk space. Pottery Barn has some beautiful options but this was out of our budget, so we turned to the ever faithful IKEA. I was thrilled to find the room was the exact length of two of their dark wood table tops.

Jeff really is the king of flat pack furniture. it’s crazy how fast he was able to put this all together!

Ikea couple's therapy

This is how everything turned out:

Studio set up Jeff's studio set up Full Studio

The space is perfect for us; Jeff has his work area in the corner and I have mine closer to the door with my sewing machine. At some point I would like to have a small laptop to write at, but right now this space is awesome for making new cushions, fixing upholstery, etc.

The other huge advantage to this room is that it has a door which means we can shut Tilly out if we need to, though she does usually have pride of place either on the sewing mat or in her box on the desk top!

Tilly on sewing mat Matilda in Studio

Let me know what you guys think!

Alethea 😊

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