Mini Makeover Monday

Mini Makeover Monday

Posh Trim.

Hi guys, we’re back!

As you may remember, we had to replace the windows in the studio because the old windows were installed improperly. This gave us a great opportunity which we probably would not have otherwise taken advantage of! We love the look of craftsman or farmhouse style trim like this:

Example of original Craftsman Trim
Example of original Craftsman Trim

So we decided to go ahead and fake it in the office. Jeff did most of the work on this one; I mostly handled holding stuff level whilst he hammered in the nails (making us think we could really do with a finish nailer!) We had almost everything nailed in on the first frame when we realized that three of the MDF boards we had purchased were very slightly thicker than the others, of course these were the one’s nailed in already. No problem, we went back to Lowes and measured every single board they had just to find that the boards we nailed in were no longer stocked… Luckily the guys at Lowes were awesome and let us return the cut, nail-ridden boards and exchange them for the new ever so slightly thinner boards they now stock. This added two additional days to the project, which was pretty annoying, but the project ran perfectly smoothly after that initial mishap and now we have lovely window frames in the office.

Studio windows complete

I don’t think we ever updated people on the finished office so that will be the next post!

Thanks everybody and as always, we look forward to your commentary.

Alethea 😃

3 thoughts on “Mini Makeover Monday

  1. Looks awesome !! We all need a Jeff

  2. Love it, as usual xx

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