Mini Makeover Monday #2

The Ugly End Tables

Hi, everyone!

I am in love with the usability and finish of chalk paint like Annie Sloan, but the cost is a little prohibitive when you’re on a budget. I happened to be talking with Jeff’s lovely cousin Nicole about refinishing furniture and she let me know you can get a similar effect by mixing latex paint with a little water and Plaster of Paris, so I decided to go ahead and try this on a set of pine TV trays Jeff still had from his college days. I’m really happy to say it was great to work with and gave that matte finish that you would expect with chalk paint!

Not so pretty
Not so pretty

As you can see, these are the standard TV trays you can buy at Walmart fairly cheaply. We were looking for a temporary solution for our bedside tables and these were the perfect size, but the pine colour didn’t go with our design aesthetic. We had a pot of the Tailor’s Chalk (Martha Stewart) paint and a pot of Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore) paint left so I took a little of each and made my own chalk paint. I am lazy about these things and did not want to strip the basic finish on the tables so I just sanded lightly and primed before painting the legs Tailor’s Chalk and the top Revere Pewter.

Primer plus Tailor's Chalk
Primer plus Tailor’s Chalk

I have a real love of stripes and nautical themes so I decided to do a weathered stripe design on the table tops which meant lots more painters tape!

Getting pretty good at this now!
Getting pretty good at this now!

After the tape was applied I used the same method as the stairs, just painting over tape to ensure none of the Tailor’s chalk ended up seeping into the adjacent stripes.

Nice,clean stripes!
Nice, clean stripes!

Finally I waited for them to dry a little while before sanding the lighter stripes to a weathered finish.

All finished!
All finished!


I think they went from being boring little tables to super cute and totally usable for our space, at some point they will be the guest bedroom bedside tables (when we stop using the room as our work-space) but for now we have two in our bedroom, one in the bathroom, and one in the living room.

It’s really easy to re-purpose old furniture to make it fit for whatever purpose you have in mind, we’ll be updating with a blog post on our beautiful dining room furniture at some point in the summer: another project where we changed the look of an old set to suit out little house better!

Let me know what you all think!


2 thoughts on “Mini Makeover Monday #2

  1. Hey there….I have the same little tables..great idea..I like it a lot!!! May I make a comment without offending you…your home is so sweet inside and out..but…I don’t think that the porch..or maybe the color of it…quite compliments the actual house colours. My opinion only…I would remove the railing part and replace with a finer style and paint it all white…I love ur little house otherwise!!! Keep it going kids!!!

    • Hi Cathy, Thank you for your comment. We totally agree about the colour of the porch, its on the list of projects to tackle and may even be completed this summer, hopefully!

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