Mini Makeover Monday # 1

Hi Guys,

I know its been too long since I updated you all but we have been working on a pretty big project which we will hopefully be sharing with you soon. To keep everybody happy though we have decided to run a little regular series on small changes which make a big difference in your space with an emphasis on being as budget-friendly as possible. This is the first post in this series.

Many of you know I am addicted to They send me weekly updates and ideas, and I just love seeing how other people deal with similar design problems that we find when we are updating our little house. My absolute favourite thing is when we make a change and then I get an ‘On Trend’ update later which mirrors the change we have made; it makes me feel like we are ahead of the curve. Small things make me happy, eh?

So when we left off we had our kitchen bright and fresh and looking like this:

Before Kitchen

I loved this kitchen; it was light and airy and really completely impractical. On the whole, both Jeff and I have a shared prejudice against semi gloss paints; I do not want my walls to be shiny at all and that went for the cabinets too so we used an eggshell paint on the doors in white. I love the look but on lower cabinets this results in constant scrubbing because to me it always looked a little grubby. Not my favourite look. After discussing it and looking through the Historic Colors range from Benjamin Moore we decided to paint the lower cabinets a darker colour  in our palette and leave the upper cabinets white. Two-tone!

templeton gray
Templeton Gray

We took this opportunity to also replace the old hinges on the cupboard doors which were an antique brass colour and had the odd dab of a cream-coloured paint on them which no amount of scrubbing could remove. We splashed out a little on the Benjamin Moore high end Regal Select which is a self-leveling paint and it was so wonderful to work with! It left the cabinets looking super smooth.

new kitchen

About a week later I got a Houzz post (below) regarding grey base cabinets which I loved. I’m such a hipster DIYer…yup, I liked it before it was cool!

houzz two tone kitchen
* not our house

I am planning on changing the colour on the walls and inside the cupboards to Woodawn Blue by Benjamin Moore just to brighten it up a little. We will be de-cluttering the countertops then too so we will have a full reveal of the kitchen from start to finish at that point!

woodlawn blue
Woodlawn Blue

As always we love hearing all of your feedback and comments and I will be posting on our big project real soon.


3 thoughts on “Mini Makeover Monday # 1

  1. Looks amazing , your doing such a great job …. Looking forward to the next post x

  2. Love it!

    You are both very clever x

  3. LOVE it!!! Great choice….magazine worthy for sure…

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