The Saga of the Stairs

We stopped posting two years ago just as we had decided what we were planning on doing with our stairs. If you were following us back then you might remember that we were on a mission to get rid of the carpets we had in every room and the stairs were no exception. The stairs going up to our bedrooms had raw plywood risers and solid wood treads which were pretty easy to deal with as it was not necessary to cover much. The stairs going down however were painted a deep blood red so our initial hope to paint the risers only and stain the treads was really not realistic without copious amounts of paint stripper. We decided to paint both sets of stairs the same colour and, if we were feeling brave, we would go ahead and paint a contrasting runner, even on the landing outside the bedroom which is just bare plywood.

Priming the stairs

Unfortunately I had forced my wonderful husband into adopting our sweet little Matilda and our home is almost completely open concept with no way to stop her going up and down the stairs. We decided to spend a weekend painting the various layers of paint with one of us working on the project and one of us keeping her company in the office. Despite our best efforts there are two small paw impressions in the white paint on the bottom step. Adorable.

Whilst researching the best way to paint stripes we found one really important tip. It’s really easy to have the top paint colour seep under the tape when you’re painting on rough wood which would result in a messy line, not really the look we were going for. In order to counteract this we painted the entire set of stairs white, after priming them to the max, waited for a couple of hours for it to be dry then worked on the taping. Taping straight lines in a house of wonky walls and wonkier stairs was not easy, luckily Jeff is a pro at figuring out the best way to at least make things look straight and he did a great job on the landing which made taping the rest of the stairs a breeze for me using the age old method of using another piece of tape to measure the spacing

Stripes Clever Stripes Double Stripes

The secret to avoiding the messy lines is to paint a coat of the base colour over the tape before moving on to the top colour. This fills the wood grain which the tape does not stick to and allows for a smooth line for the top coat. I completed this whilst Jeff kept Tilly distracted. We then switched places and Jeff painted the blue (which we used in the Laundry room) as a runner.

Paiting over the tape with white

He’s not always the tidiest painter!

Messy Jeff

It was not the easiest project but we really love the results and the fact that it was essentially free!

Seal of approval

Let us know what you guys think and we will see you soon,  Alethea 🙂

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