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Hello, everybody.

We have decided to come out of hiding with a refreshed website and new posts!  In the last two years we have both started new jobs, got married, started lots of new projects and completed some of them too. We will be updating the blog with a new look over the next few weeks, as always we love getting your comments and feedback. We have refreshed our homepage with a photo of our newly sided house so that’s the first project I am going to post about.

Here is a photo of our house when we moved in:

This is how the house looked when we moved in
The little house on the trail circa 2013

Everybody remembers the red door post right? My wonderful husband secretly had the door changed from boring white into this lovely red:


red door surprise!
Red door surprise!


This really gave the house some character but we knew that the original siding would have to go because it was made out of wood which was a haven for the thousands of super cute and annoying woodpeckers we have in our area. There’s only so much one slipper and an ace shot can do to protect an entire house!


We didn’t know how much damage they could do because the old owner had been very proactive in covering the holes but we soon discovered we would have no need for an alarm clock as they woke us up nice and early nearly every morning the first spring we were in. We did know that we needed a new roof and my father in law stepped in again to help us with that project.

As we have a real colour scheme and design aesthetic we had a good idea of what we wanted and Paul was game for all of our plans. We went to the showroom and picked out the shingles and colours as well as the finishes. Naturally I couldn’t just make it easy and pick all regular horizontal siding. Nope. I love board-and-batten style siding and Jeff always liked the look of scalloped siding on older homes so we picked a blue vertical siding and greige horizontal along with grey shingles and white scallops.

Shingles and siding colours

I should mention that Paul did the siding almost entirely alone apart from some help from Kevin ripping off the old stuff and us completing a small section of insulation. We did get a team in to do the roof but Paul supervised that too.

20150625_082348 (1)_edited  20150624_181145

Paul worked so fast that I didn’t get any photos of the siding coming off but I got these as he was working. This is the addition where our bedrooms are and this is our lovely blue board-and-batten and the white scallops. You can see that Paul added lots of new insulation and wood strapping to support the vertical siding. If there is space for more insulation Paul put it there so the climate control is now much better!

Here are the before and after photos we were able to get:

Back of the house  20150921_175105_edited

These are both from the back of the yard, you can probably tell that we cleared a lot of the brush and took down the fence which was there before so the back part of the property is now approximately double the space and we love it!

Front of house  New Siding

We discovered in the course of re-siding that the original front windows were installed incorrectly and had the weight of the roof resting on the frames instead of on a header, Paul recommended ripping them out and getting new ones and I think it looks much much better.

There’s still quite a bit to do outside the house not least re-paving the drive way. We are also going to add a covered patio on the back and a large vegetable garden in the expanded space along with a stone fire pit and we are going to re-paint the deck on the front but that’s a project for the future when we finish all the projects we are only half done at the moment!

More posts are on their way, thank you all for your continued support and comments and we will see you next time.


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  1. It’s looking great! All the hard work is really paying off!

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