Erk, five months later…

Ok everyone, we are terrible I know! After the last post we seem to have gone into hibernation and it’s not like nothing has happened!! So here I am with the update on the dining room, fear not, with spring and the sun just around the corner we will be much more active. We have updates on the living room, bedroom and office planned over the next few weeks not to mention our wedding coming up in September!

So we left off with us painting the dining room in our selected green colour, shortly after we had our floors go in and then the gorgeous antique furniture which has been stored at Jeff’s wonderful brother and sister-in-law’s house and then in his Mom’s garage for the past 2 years waiting for us to buy a house!

2014-03-10 18.02.41

As you can see we still have a little work to do, we are going to put wainscotting on the bottom portion of the wall and curtains using the fabric you can see slung over the chair, I am also going to re-upholster the chairs!

2014-03-10 18.02.51

You can just see on top of the hutch one of my favourite Christmas presents ever, a Fortnum and Mason basket from my lovely family back in England, so so excited to receive it and all the yummy goodies inside!

2014-03-10 18.04.47


We really struggled to decide what to do about the door to the laundry room and finally settled on purchasing a bi-fold door, unscrewing the two doors from each other and then hanging them using dual swinging hinges! They look great but we had just taken them down to paint when Jeff took these photos.

We still have a whole lot to do to finish, those pesky stairs, painting the doors to the laundry room and putting in a kitty door for our sweet new addition, Matilda.

2014-03-10 18.28.31
Sweet Matilda

Thank you all for being so very patient with us and for rooting for us as we work on our new home!

Alethea 🙂

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  1. It is looking lovely….. So excited to see it all. Won’t be long now! Xx

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