We’re In!

Hi everyone. I’m going to start by sounding like a broken record and apologizing (yet again) for the lack of posts lately.

If you haven’t guessed by the title, we moved in! We’ve actually been in for six days now. We still have some work to do, and we’ll update you on those projects in the near future. For now our time is consumed with unpacking and getting organized.

There has been one update worth mentioning. I’ve had a surprise for Alethea up my sleeve for the past month and a half, and it finally got revealed Saturday morning (the day before we moved in).

For as long as I’ve known Alethea she’s dreamed of having a red door. When we were talking about the places we might buy a house, she’d mention getting a house in the country with a red door. When we would go online and look at the houses available for sale, she’d say things like “If we lived here I’d want it to have a red door.” I took these as subtle clues that Alethea wanted a red door.

This is the window before the transformation. Dad has already fixed the crooked trim at this point. Photo courtesy of dad.
This is the door and window insert before the transformation. Dad has already fixed the crooked trim at this point. Photo courtesy of dad.

Alethea didn’t know it at the time, but she picked out the specific colour of the door. When we were originally picking out colour swatches for the house, some time in between signing the purchasing agreement and creating this blog, Alethea pointed out a red and said that it would be the perfect colour for a door. Little did she know I was planning the red door transformation, and I copied the swatch number in my mobile phone when her back was turned and returned on a later date to collect it.

Dad was a big help in all of this. Not only did he do the painting, but he also changed out the window insert and switched the door knob. He bought the insert about three weeks ago and stashed it in the shed behind some wood. Alethea had no idea it was there.

From time to time Alethea would mention something about a red door. My response was always “Maybe we’ll do a red door, but we really should be focusing our money and energy on [insert current project] right now.” She would usually grudgingly agree and I think would sometimes doubt whether or not I would want a red door. All the while, all of the pieces to bring the idea into fruition were in or around the house.

The finished door. Photo courtesy of dad.
The finished door. Photo courtesy of dad.

A lot of credit to dad for this one. He unhinged the door, removed the insert and handle, sanded, painted twice, put in the new in insert and handle, and rehung the door all in an afternoon while Alethea and I were at work with, of course, Alethea being none-the-wiser. And if you noticed, he even trimmed the front bushes, just for a better reveal. Thanks, dad!

The reveal was meant to be the following afternoon, but because of weather and other reasons, Alethea ended up going to the house after her midnight shift. The positive side to this is that these circumstances put me in the car with her and I was able to sneakily record her reaction. There’s no real video as I was holding the device to my side, but it’s the audio that we’re after anyway.

That made it all worth it.


6 thoughts on “We’re In!

  1. You guys are way too cute 🙂 I think it looks awesome and you guys deserve nothing but the best 🙂 Iam really happy for you guys

  2. That was so funny! Bless her! It didn’t sound like she could breathe with excitement, your dad has made it look beautiful Jeff. I spoke to home recently and he said that you guys have worked really hard on the house, and he was impressed with the kitchen cabinets! That sounds like a lot of praise now I have seen the door! Keep up the good work, I can’t wait for the final reveal… Loves ya both, Mum xxx

  3. Alethea was so excited about that door …..it made me cry …couldn’t stop….everything looks so good…..

  4. NICE DOOR!Alethea you sound super american/canadian!!Really happy for you guys xxx

  5. Love this. Too cute. You guys have done so much! Congrats to you both!

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