Mysteries revealed.

Again, we want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I’m not sure what’s going on with our internet connection lately, but we’re either working at our jobs or working on the house and don’t have the time to call our internet providers to sort it out. We’re still paying them full price, though. Where’s the justice?

On top of that, it’s almost as if the house is a tin fortress as I get very little mobile and data reception when I’m in or around the house. Five meters away and the reception is perfect, but that puts me either in the middle of the street or in thick, mosquito-infested brush. Yet another thing we don’t have time to sort out at the moment.

That aside, let’s move on.

We uncovered a few mysteries the other day; mysteries that intrigued me from day one. First, the beadboard in the lower level.

What's behind those beadboard walls?
What’s behind those beadboard walls?

The beadboard wasn’t on very well. It was being held up (poorly) with some finishing nails and some sort of glue. In most places, the beadboard was already lifting off of the walls. I barely used any tools for this; I just started ripping it off with my bare hands. I definitely figured that the beadboard was covering something, but what were the previous owners hiding?

2013-07-17 17.57.43
Beadboard dismantled.

Well ok. That’s sort of interesting. The hole (which was originally covered with cupboard doors) is just a sort of cubby/storage area. It’s a little (approximately) 3′ x 4′ section under the top-level stairs. We haven’t really decided how we’re going to use it yet, but that wasn’t the interesting part. Below the cubby hole was a sheet of plywood held in place with drywall screws. Based on it’s placement, we figure it was used as an access to the crawlspace. We haven’t taken the board off the wall yet to try it, nor have we decided whether or not indoor access to the crawlspace is at all useful. This will be the last room we finish renovating, so we have some time to figure out what we’re going to so with the walls.

For the next mystery, I present the living room floor.

Original living room image. Photo c/o
Original living room image. Photo c/o

As you can see, the whole floor was carpeted apart from a 8′ x 4½’ section of laminate in the corner. We started to speculate what happened there to justify putting laminate in such an odd manner. I eventually figured it was the location of an old fireplace. It may be hard to tell in the image above, but it seems as though the ceiling had a square hole that was patched directly above the center of that laminate section, which I figure was the location for the chimney, and the section of laminate would have been the size of the hearth. If that’s the case, there may be some remnants of it, like a brick outline, or evidence of the flooring being reinforced.

Let’s find out.

Got the flooring up.
Got the flooring up.

. . . and . . .

Time for the underlay.
Time for the underlay.

. . . it’s . . .

Mystery solved.
Mystery solved.

. . . nothing.

Well that was a bit of a let-down. It seems like some of the surprises with this house is that there aren’t many surprises.

Just a quick update on the kitchen; the last time you saw it we were smashing off the tiles that seemed to be put up with Super Glue®. Well the tiles are off.

We tore the wall right off.
We tore the wall right off.

This gave us an opportunity to tighten the vapour barrier, and gave Dad a chance to sure-up some of the electrical work.

Ready for the counter top.
Ready for the counter top.

Above is the current state of the kitchen. Laminate floor is taken up, and our wall is boarded up. We’re ready for the counter top and tile. Then we just need to paint and lay the floor. Whoa – we still have a lot of work to do.

5 thoughts on “Mysteries revealed.

  1. Exciting times guys!!

  2. Oh my goodness it is looking so different already! I think you are all doing a wonderful job, it is still weird that the flooring in the living area was covering nothing! However, I am glad it wasn’t something that you had to fix. I am so looking forward to your next update, it has been really stressful waiting for this one, thanks to your Canadian weather! (It is usually us Brits complaining if the rain/storm damage). Take care both if you and don’t forget to take some you time too, the house will still be there tomorrow waiting for you to be refreshed and regenerated! Loves you both xxx

  3. May not have been a fireplace previously but perfect timing to put one in if that suits you? Could be a focal point for your lounge? The blog is great – I love seeing your home stripped ready for the makeover. The devil is in the preparation and I’m sure when Paul and Jeff start the pretties it will come together quickly. And you Alethea of course. I can see by the photos it is a real joint effort. Why not try and get a bedroom finished – even the spare – cause then when u are shattered after working real hard u can sleep there and get up real early to start again….. Unlike Mum I’m not voting for nights off!!!! I’m voting for hard work and graft until you drop and then when you are in your completed home you can have loads of pampering and nights in (by the log burner if u get one!!!) I love what you are doing – keep up the good work and make sure you take care of each other. Lots of love xxxx

  4. Had a thought about the stairs…. Could u take the plasterboard or dry wall off? (that’s what we call it not sure what you do) That would bring light into the hall and downstairs but more importantly you could put up a nice hand rail and newel posts?? It would open it up but if you plan to use downstairs as an occasional bedroom – may not suit. On train back home from London so lots of time to comment on your blog xxxx

  5. OK. Picture this:

    “Oh, that’s a lovely painting! A little crooked though. Wait, there’s something behind it. It’s a safe! What’s in the safe, I wonder.”

    That’s up to you!

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