So much work and no internet!

Hi everyone,

So I am posting this during my break at work because, alas, we have no internet at home and I felt that you are probably all waiting for an update. Unfortunately this means no photos and just a quick post but it’s something until we get our phone line sorted.

We have finally won the war against the staples, Jeff’s hands bore the brunt of the battle but we are victorious and can’t wait to get our lovely floor down as soon as we have painted and done all the other little things which seem to crop up when you think you’re well on your way. We selected a colour for our walls, a compromise between Jeff’s taupe and my grey, it is called ‘Revere Pewter’ from Benjamin Moore (you can Google it if you like as I have no pictures!) and we have had it all mixed ready to go.

We really are making great progress, I can’t wait to get all our photos up and running for you all. We even have a great video of a huge thunderstorm which hit last night from our bedroom window. The house was perfectly dry on the inside (other than where we left the windows open to dry out the mud on the walls) and this was a huge relief, no leaks so far.

Anyway, this is all I can get down with the time I have but I promise we will do everything we can to get our internet fixed and our photos up. We are so happy you are all following and supporting us!

Alethea 🙂

8 thoughts on “So much work and no internet!

  1. Great to hear all is going well. I can’t wait for the photos but I’m so pleased it is coming together as you planned. Love to you both xxx

  2. Forgot to ask why you had mud on the walls??? Intriguing!! Xx

  3. I have had withdrawal symptoms! Hope you are both well and still enjoying putting it all together. See you soon.
    Mum xx

  4. That should have said speak to you soon, I wish it was see you soon 🙁

  5. Holy smokes guys! Have you considered just building a house from scratch? It might be less work.

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