The war continues, fireflies, and cheating on our tiles.

Hello everyone!

Sorry it’s been a few days now since our last post but we have been all go for the last little while and exhausted by the time we got home each night. So here is our update, we reigned victorious over the living/dining room staples but lost the battle against the stairs, currently at 2-1 against the carpet staples and regrouping for the final hurdle.

Re-grouping with 24 hour coffee
Re-grouping with 24 hour drive-thru coffee

We decided after losing our cool with the stair-staples to go out and find coffee for the energy needed to continue the war. We pulled into our driveway and sat in the cool confines of our air-conditioned car to talk about our strategy when I noticed sparks coming from our back garden. Further inspection showed them to be dozens of fireflies floating around, it was really magical. I don’t remember ever seeing fireflies in England and having so many around our house makes me really excited for when my family comes and stays with us!

Alethea vs the tackless
Alethea vs the tackless

The following day we came back to finish the pulling up the tackless and found that Jeff’s data is pretty spotty in the area, 4G! Heaven forbid! So we brought my first gen iPod with us and it still works perfectly after 10 years. Unfortunately it is no longer supported (or was it ever supported by iTunes? It was Music Match Jukebox back in the day) and so it only plays the 2000+ songs I had back then, lots of angsty pop-rock and Frank Sinatra apparently.

For some reason whoever put the tackless down thought it needed to be REALLY secure and hammered 2-3 nails in every 3-4 inches. This took a long time and I am still mildly traumatised by the experience.

Luckily we were able to have some fun and go shopping for our choice of laminate, we found that we are getting more and more into a cottage-style theme, more light and airy than we had originally thought but we feel that the look really suits the house and we like it, so we wanted to find a washed driftwood look for our flooring.

Smoky Oak laminate
Smoky Oak laminate

When we found this colour we loved it and were able to find a great deal on a similar product which we forgot to take pictures of…the real thing will be posted later.

In the meantime our counter-tops were devastated by the Paul-effect which is felt through homes in the Niagara region when pieces of wood/tile/laminate/drywall is bashed to pieces by a very determined and hammer-happy dad. We found new tops which we loved at Niagara Counter Tops. As much as we found the granite and quartz to be beautiful we realised very quickly that the price was really crazy considering we are only replacing the tops and not the whole kitchen. Formica has just brought out a new product (180FX) which mimics real stone by only repeating the pattern every 8 feet, so our little counters will not have a repeated pattern on them at all. This is the colour we chose:

Soapstone Sequoia

We also had some sad news; the couple we bought our beautiful vanity and washstand from called to let us know that the little washstand had some issues with the stain running through the new paint. They weren’t sure why and tried to fix it for us but unfortunately were going to have to paint it darker and we weren’t sure if we would like it so much, so we decided to just take the vanity which arrived with one half of the re-finishing couple, Alex, who helped Jeff bring it in the house. We will be keeping an eye on their blog to see if we want to snap up anything else instead!

Vanity and Tile!
Vanity and tile!

Finally a confession; I have cheated on our kitchen tiles. When we first embarked on the decisions we were making for our house design I fell in love with these mosaic herringbone marble tile but we could not find them anywhere in Canada at a reasonable price, so we went for the subway tile instead which we both really liked. However, during our search for the perfect laminate, I found them in the new collection at Home Depot and so we bought them lovingly from the store to our house and returned the subway tiles. I love them so much!!!


Until next time!

Alethea 🙂


6 thoughts on “The war continues, fireflies, and cheating on our tiles.

  1. Hi guys,
    I am sad to hear the wash stand didn’t make the cut,it was so cute. 🙁
    All the new purchases seem to have a hint of grey going on, was that mean’t? Loving the vanity and the tiles, I can’t wait to see it all in place. 🙂
    Loves you both, keep up the good work xx

    • I am so so sad about the washstand but maybe they will have something else we will love better. 🙁 We are going with a grey look I suppose but out cushions and the rugs we are looking at are brighter so I think that combined it will look really nice! xx

      • I love it all babes, it just struck me about the greys because I thought you wanted it for the wall in the main living area too. It is lovely to see it all coming together so well, I thought you would be really tired this week what with working at the hotel and working on the house!
        Take care. Loves ya both xxxx

  2. Hi Aleathea, Jeff
    I’m so excited watching all this DIY go on , ( it must be in the genes! ) I adore the vanity and tiles and was thinking of doing the same in my bathroom ! ( great minds!) I’m so jealous you can go to Home Depot , I follow lots of American /Canadian blogs and often check out their site , maybe if I see something I really love I can get you guys to send it over ! Lol, I’m going to share your blog with all my friends on my business Facebook profile if that’s ok ? Lots of love
    Sarah mwah xx

    • Hi Sarah!
      We would be happy to send anything over to you if we can! So shop away, just bear in mind that the post takes ages over here. It’s ok if you want to share our blog, the more the merrier!
      Hopefully you can come and visit, I think you’d love all our antiques stores in our area.
      Alethea and Jeff xx

  3. Hi ,
    OMG don’t tempt me ! I can just imagine what the antique stores over there are like ! I will share your blog on my Facebook business page now that I’ve seen your reply x good luck on the renovations and keep up the blog posts !

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