Thursday after work, Alethea mentioned that we should probably do a bit of shopping. Our journey took us to a few different hardware stores, then later to a few websites. Several hours and one steaming debit card later, we’ve purchased all the tile for the bathroom and kitchen, plus the bathroom sink and faucet.

First the kitchen backsplash. I think we both knew what we wanted before hitting the stores. We’ve had our eye on white, marbled subway tiles for a while. Here’s a picture of our kitchen taken from the real estate website:

Original kitchen
Original kitchen

As you can see, what’s there now isn’t all that pretty. You can’t really tell from the photo, but it’s obvious that it’s old tile that’s been painted. We’re replacing it with this:

Subway tile

Next, on to the bathroom. You’ve already seen the dresser we (and by “we”, I mean dad) will be converting into a vanity. We knew when we decided to replace the vanity unit that we would want to do something about the old, boring, white tile which was above the unit, and the possibilities for backsplashes are endless; there’s glass, stone, glass and stone, cubes, bricks, thin bricks, metal bricks, etc.

We actually picked one right away! It was perfect! We only needed four sheets of tile, so we went through the whole stack and hand selected the nicest four; the ones with the most variety of colour without any obvious repeating pattern. We continued about five feet down the aisle, then found an even more perfect tile. So we put the original back and hand selected four sheets of the new tile. This was our final pick:

Bathroom Mosaic

What do you think? All of the blue and green tiles are glass, and the brown and grey are stone.

We realized that the dresser for the vanity has feet, thus you’ll be able to see the floor underneath. The floor currently in the bathroom if vinyl, and we suspect it probably doesn’t carry though under the current vanity. So a new floor was in order. We went with a porcelain tile with a wood grain pattern.

A very enthusiastic Alethea with our floor tile find.
A very enthusiastic Alethea with our floor tile find.

The last thing to do on our little field trip was select a paint colour. It didn’t take us long to unanimously decide on “Steeplechase”.


After selecting all the tile and the paint for the bathroom we came home and showed our haul to dad. He already knew about the dresser/vanity conversion, and he seemed pretty keen on doing it. We ran past a wall-mounted faucet idea (as per Alethea’s mum) and he seemed completely unphased by it. So wall-mounted faucet it is!

We had a look in hardware stores earlier, and couldn’t find any. We took to the internet and found this beauty:

Oil-rubbed Bronze Wall-Mounted Faucet
Oil-rubbed Bronze Wall-Mounted Faucet

Selecting it was easy – the ordering was not. Two hours and an extremely frustrated Alethea later, we may have two of the same faucets on their way to us, we shall have to wait and see!

Last, the sink. Who knew a bowl could come in so many shapes and sizes. The ones we found in stores were either too big or had unsightly overflow drains on them. Lo an behold, the internet came through again with not only the perfect size and shape, but at the lowest price any store had.

Kraus Vessel Sink
Kraus Vessel Sink

Anyway, the house is ours as of tomorrow! We’ll do our best to keep you posted along the way, but for now, goodnight.


2 thoughts on “Shopping!

  1. Wow….. I love the tap (faucet!), it is lovely and the basin is so cute. The backsplash tiles are a really good idea too, as you can accessorize and accessorize! Four different sets of towels in the four different colours will change the look of your bathroom very quickly (Aunty Ali showed me how to do this with mine!) and the flooring looks very cottage. I can’t wait to see it all in situ, with the walls painted, please don’t forget the before and after photo’s.
    I really like your tiles for the kitchen, I think the blue and greys of your dinnerware will look really good and add colour there.
    I’m so proud of you both, good luck and just enjoy everything today, from picking up the keys, to finding out just how much hard work you have ahead of you!
    Loves you both xxxxx

  2. Everything looks amazing. The kitchen is beautiful. I am excited to see the place in person and even more excited to see how you turn it into your home. Beautiful!

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