It starts with a plan.

As Alethea mentioned in her last post, I’ve drawn up a floor plan for our little house.floorplan_01

This is all of the information I have at the moment, until we get in there this Friday. I don’t have the exact dimensions of the kitchen and bath, but I think I got them close to scale.

We used a similar floor plan drawing to sort out where our furniture would go and what sorts of things we’re going to need. As a result, we’ll be redefining some of the rooms. The rooms in the floor plan above are labelled as they were on the real estate listing at the house, but as a result of our early planning, the “Family Room” will actually be the dining room and “Sun Room” will be (what I’m calling) the hobby room – a cross between an office and a sewing room which will also house some music equipment.


4 thoughts on “It starts with a plan.

  1. Hi Jeff, does this mean your dining room will be downstairs? Just wondering.

    • Post Author Jeff

      Hi Ray!
      Yes it does. The house is a back-split, so the downstairs isn’t a basement, it’s ground-level. Plus, it’s only 5 stairs off from the kitchen. Also, the dining furniture we’re getting might be a tad too big for the defined dining room space and may block the walking path coming from the front foyer. For these reasons, we thought it was best to put the dining room downstairs.

      • This is all so brilliant, it’s so exciting to see how it is all coming together. It will be great to see how you are going to get the furniture staged!

        It’s getting closer to the time you get your keys.

        Loves you both x

  2. I love it. Sharing your new home with us this way is so thoughtful. It is horrid being so far away because if we were closer u know we’d have been around a few, if not too many, times already. It is so great to think – 4 days!!! I will mostly be drinking champers on Friday to help u celebrate the new home xxx

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