Packing takes AGES!

Hi guys,

So we’re sorry we haven’t had any new posts the last couple of days but things are super hectic with lawyer stuff, working, picking out paint and packing!

Packing takes ages but we are now around 40% done
Here is about 40% of our stuff.

We still have not come to much of a decision regarding the main paint colour other than option 3 is definitely out, we were able to get a sample and it is way too beige for us, so we are still considering a grey colour.

Still to come is a post on our options for a vanity, we are considering buying an antique dresser or washstand and converting it to a vanity unit rather than buying one a big box store just because we would like something with real character and it would be a little cheaper also. More on that either tomorrow or Monday before we go and sign our ownership papers at the lawyers office. Jeff is also working on a floor plan hopefully with photos for you all so you can creep our house without being here!

We will also be going for our final walk-through on Tuesday, so excited to be back in the house, a little apprehensive to see what state the back garden is in as we think they may have moved the holding tank back there but whatever state it’s in it is much more important to have a working sewage system!

So look forward to a post on the vanities and the floor plan details!

Alethea 🙂


3 thoughts on “Packing takes AGES!

  1. Good luck with signing the ownership papers on Monday, so excited for you xxxx

  2. Let me know if you need more boxes!!

    Also, what day are you moving? Or are you going to paint first?

    • Hey Kevin, we are doing really well so far for boxes but we may need some more small ones for our crockery, when we came back from Toronto last weekend the apartment smelled really strongly of oatmeal and it took us ages to figure out why! We are not sure yet what day we are moving as there is some work to be done in the house first so we will keep everyone updated on how that’s going 🙂

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