A starting point.

The last 6 weeks since we first saw the house have been really hectic and flown right by. As we had issues with the septic system failure and weren’t entirely sure that we were going to go through with the sale, we didn’t really allow ourselves to get super excited.

After everything was confirmed to be under way, we realised that we had even less time to sort out our design preferences and discovered how different some of our ideas were. After doing lots of research online and not agreeing on much of anything, other than the fact that we both wanted a slightly country feel, we finally came to our colour decisions based on some lovely fabric we purchased for reupholstering our antique heirloom dining room set, which has been in storage for us for the last 2 years (thanks to Kevin and Patti, and Geege and Yvan!). We also picked out fabric to re-cover the cushions in our living room and we were able to select our paint colours from them thankfully!

We thought it would be nice to share with you all that we have so far. The final big colour choice is for the main room which is huge (basically the entire main floor) and I am leaning towards a soft grey whereas I think Jeff would prefer something warmer like a cream. Let us know your thoughts on what we have already purchased and what you think will look nicest with it!

Our first pick was the black fabric below which will be used on the Captain’s chair, and from there we found the coordinating cream fabric. We selected black and cream to compliment the wood of the dining room furniture, rather than distract from it, and we felt that the green we selected had a soft cottage feel, which was really appealing.


10gy_58105  50yy_83057

I fell in love with this floral, paisley pattern, but we could not find ANYTHING we’d like to coordinate with it. After three days of looking at fabric, I was beginning to feel like my dad at B&Q — and then we found it! The perfect plaid (and it was on sale). From there we picked the blue we’ll be using as an accent colour in the living room and kitchen, which coincidentally matches our current stoneware  dinnerware perfectly.



Finally, we need to pick our main colour. This colour will be the majority of our living room space, most of the kitchen walls, and all of the hallways. Let us know which one you think is best:

1. swatch_sandy_sage  2. swatch_gray_owl  3. swatch_manchester_tan

It wasn’t until we lined them up like this that we realised just how similar our tastes actually are. But still tell us what you think.

Until next time,


10 thoughts on “A starting point.

  1. I rather like 2&3… Also the blue is lush!

  2. Love the fabrics and paint choices – very design chic. Now for my opinion on colours yet chosen – I like the three colours in that small area, however … Over a large expanse would Nos 1 have a strong hint of green? Nos 2 an element of battleship? (although it may be softer than i think which would make it very cottage/new england and therefore a great choice) and that leaves Nos 3 – which I like. But that comes from she who has pale gold and white almost everywhere!!! Whatever u choose will be great because it you. Lots of love Aunty Ali xxxx

    • Hi Aunty Ali, you’re right about #1 which is called ‘sandy sage’ and is definitely a green colour, I’m still loving the gray but the sandy colour is super popular! We will maybe have to buy samples and try it on the wall when we’re in there. Glad you like our fabrics, it took us ages to pick!

  3. It’s tough to have an opinion on paint colours without seeing it in the space. Lighting has a huge effect on colour… If its a bright area I think 1 or 2 would look nice but if its on the dark side I would definitely go with 3 🙂

    • I know what you mean about being in the space Jill! The room is really big an airy with vaulted ceilings which makes it harder because the walls seem so big, it really needs to be a nice colour because there is so much of it.

  4. I love the fabric’s they look very elegant, I especially like the plaid! I have to say that looking at the three colours I would go with 3, although I can see the reasoning behind 1, I think it would be too dark. I had to look at number 2 quite a few times before thinking that with the accents it would work well. However on a cold winter night, with snow think in the ground (setting the scene here!) I think number 3 would be warmer to walk into.
    I can’t wait for the next installments .

    Loves you both….. Mum x

    • It seems like the Sand colour is pretty popular but I’m still lobbying for the gray!! Glad you like the fabrics Mum, it’s a week today that we get the house 🙂

      • Oh my goodness, just one week! I wish we could be there to help you with it all 🙁
        However, I can’t wait to see the changes as you make them. I am so excited for you, I catch myself smiling just thinking of you in your own home.

        Loves you,
        Mum xxxx

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